31 Weeks

IMG_327431 weeks

We are down to 63 days until we get to meet this Little Lady! We are soooo excited to meet her. Can she come now?!?!?! No, she needs to stay in there for a couple more weeks at least. And I need those weeks to get ready for her! Then she can come and we will be as ready as we will ever be!

As a few of you noticed last week “finding daycare” had finally been crossed off of the list! Ben and I did decide on Arts for Kids! As of right now we haven’t made it 100% official yet. We are still trying to see if we can make part-time work for us so, we would be able to save a little bit of money. Some of the main reason we chose Arts for Kids were:

  • Price – It was right in the middle of what everyone else was charging.
  • The programs that were offered once she gets a little bit older.
  • The staff all seemed awesome.
  • They came highly recommended by everyone we talked to.

Unless our old neighbor miraculously has an opening at her (in-home) program Arts for Kids will be our daycare! I am really excited that we were finally able to make a decision. I just need to call them and pay our registration fee and we should be good to go!

Baby Shower Invites

Over the past week or so I have been invited to my own baby showers!!!! The first shower is on the 10th and will be hosted by Ben’s cousin Jessica and Aunt Julie!  The second shower will be on the 17th and is being hosted by my Mummy, Aunt Mary, and Mother-in-Law Kathleen! And I will be having a shower at work the following Tuesday. They both did such an awesome job on the invites I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the showers. Hopefully some yummy food ;)! I am really feeling the love and can’t wait to see everyone.

connected Stroller and carseat
Our new stroller/travel system

Over the weekend I had a minor panic attack. It basically went like this:
Me: What if she decides to come NOW?
Ben: You haven’t had any signs of labor? Where did this come from?
Me: BEN! I’m 30 weeks pregnant! She can come anytime and we have no way of bringing her home!!!
Ben: Yes I know.  But I doubt she will be coming any time soon, and if she comes and we don’t have it I can go and get the system!
Me: How do we know?!?!?! We should really get our travel system. We were going to get it anyway. Why not now? Plus I don’t want you leaving me while I’m at the hospital.
Ben: *silence*
Me: *gives Ben pouty panicked look*
Ben: Fine. Let’s go.
We went to Babies ‘r’ Us and left with the Britax B-Agile Travel System. The final decision maker for this stroller was that it is short. No reaching up for me! :)

We were going through our insurance information to try and see what kind of pump we were able to get through them. As it turns out they changed their coverage, so now they will only cover a hospital grade rental, I don’t get a free pump anymore. It kind of irritates me. I was really excited that we didn’t have to purchase a pump and we didn’t have to register for one to ask someone to get it for us. We did go and register for one at Babies ‘r’ Us. If no one gets it for us no worries, we can get a percentage off of it in the end. Either way we will get one and we will make it work. Just so frustrating.

Other things that are going on:
We are going to get our maternity photos taken next Thursday at High Cliff State Park. Katie Lynn Photography will be taking our photos. She did a mini session for us a few years ago, and she did a fantastic job! I’m excited!!!
Since our OBGYN will be on maternity leave when Little Lady comes Ben and I get to meet all of the other doctors at Aurora.
Finally check out my highs and lows of pregnancy post here.

Oreo Blizzard yummy-ness and Little Ladies pretty glitter shoes!!!

How far along?  31 Weeks or 217 days

Total weight gain/loss:  +24

How big is baby: Baby is measuring in at 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. That’s about the size of Pineapple. Weighing in at 2.5 to 3.8 pounds. She should be gaining .5lbs a week and if she is gaining as she should be then she should weigh 4lbs 1oz.

Maternity clothes? Wearing them all the time. Although, I am at the point where I don’t want to wear clothes any more…

Sleep: Sleep has been off and on all week. Some nights sleep is great, others not so much.

Best moment this week: The amount she is growing is amazing.

Movement:  Her raves have calmed down quite a bit and now the movement is more rolling and stretching.

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular.

Gender:  Little Lady

Belly Button in or out? Amazingly I still have an innie, a very shallow innie.

Symptoms: New category (better late than never right?). I have been getting really winded when it comes to walking… even really short distances. Probably because she is scrunching up my lungs. My boobs also started leaking this week. That really freaked me out, but it turns out they are just getting ready for baby! There is also the usual frequent bathroom breaks, and my lower back has been pretty achy.

Signs of Labor: None this week.

What I miss: Being able to sit in one position for more than 5 minutes.

What I am looking forward to: Baby showers, and our maternity photos next week!!!

Milestones: She is going through MAJOR brain and nerve development.
Her eyes are developing like crazy too. Her irises now react to light!
All of her senses are in working order now!


•     Start the pediatrician search

•     Finish baby’s room

•     Maternity Photos

•     Finish unpacking the boxes

•     Doctors appointments with other Doctors (Dr. Southwick, Dr. Ray, Dr. Laibly, Dr. Schaufelberger) so we can meet them for when our Doctor is out          on maternity leave.

My Pregnancy Highs and Lows

I have seen this done a couple of times of some of the blogs that I have read. And I decided that I wanted to do one too. I’m sure I forgot somethings, but it’s hard to come up with these things on the spot. I feel like it all evens out. We will start with the dislikes and end with the likes :) 

Pregnancy Lows

The constant urge to pee – Especially when I am at work, or I’m sleeping.
Worrying – Constantly that something bad is going to happen.
Always being tired – The first trimester you are exhausted. The second is amazing and you have almost too much energy. Then the third and you are exhausted once again, and some days it rivals the first trimester tiredness.
Bump judgers – They are always there waiting to pounce and judge you.
Everyone is an ‘expert’ – I swear that some people only ask me how I am feeling just so they can put their two cents in.
Boobs – They are large and in charge, and hurt a lot.
Money – Especially when it comes to maternity clothes.
Food Restrictions – No really yummy sushi for me.
Summer pregnancy – You think you are warm… just wait.
Pain – Especially in the lower back and in the hips.
Mood Swings – One minute I am on cloud 9, and the next I am bawling my eyes out because I dropped something and I can’t bend over to pick it up.
Picking a name – Most people love this one. This is one of the hardest decisions of my life. I mean she is going to have this name for the rest of her life, I need to make it as awesome as she is. SO MUCH PRESSURE!


Pregnancy Highs

Naps – People won’t judge you for taking a nap after work.
Registering – I mean have you been in Babies ‘r’ Us lately? Everything is so freaking cute. I want it all.
Back and foot rubs – They are amazing and feel so great!
Getting that extra scoop of ice cream – No Shame there. “You are eating for two.”
The great days – The days where you are “glowing” and you have so much energy you feel like you can accomplish anything.
Feeling Little Lady move around in there – This is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt (except when I accidentally over caffeinate and she goes insane…).
The amazing Doctors and Nurses at Aurora – Any time I have a question I am not afraid to call and ask about what is going on. They are fantastic.
The amount of love and support I get from everyone – I have never felt so much love before. Everyone is so excited to meet Little Lady (but not as much and Ben and I) and everyone that has stepped up and made this pregnancy mostly easy for me has been awesome.
Ultrasounds – There is NOTHING better than getting to see your baby before your due date. It just makes it that much more real!
Maternity Clothes – Even though they are so expensive they are so comfortable. Can I still wear them after Little Lady comes???
Seeing how much Ben has changed the past 7.5 months – I know he is going to be an amazing dad to our little girl. Plus man-nesting is kind of funny :)
I’M HAVING A LITTLE GIRL – What better realization to have? I am going to have a little girl at the end of all of this and she is all ours!

30 Weeks



70 days to go… Wow. It completely blows my mind at how far we have come since January. I feel like I have been pregnant for forever (well, almost all of 2014 if you think about it), but at the same time it is going by so quickly. Then all of those thoughts of awe and wonder about my pregnancy go away when I realize that in about 10 weeks Ben and I will be bringing home a little person. Right now she has a crib and mattress, a shelf/changing table combo (with no changing pad), new (white) electrical outlets for her room, some random sized baby clothes, some diaper samples, diaper bags, and that is it. I am, in no way, prepared for this Little Lady to join us in the outside world yet. I at least need to get a car seat so I can get her home among other things. Granted in the next few weeks I will be all baby showered out (so hopefully that will take care of some of my stress) and then maybe I will feel a bit more prepared! In conclusion 10 weeks in not enough time, heck “9” months isn’t enough time to get ready. We should have been planning this YEARS ago. (okay that was an over exaggeration but that is how it feels.)

Anyways… Last week I had my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance test (the cheeseburger and fries I ate after never tasted so good) and I am pleased to report that I passed. All of my numbers were within the “normal” range. I’m not too sure what was going on the first time around, but I passed this time so baby and I have a clean bill of health! Go Us!

On Sunday this mamma-to-be treated herself to a prenatal massage! It was amazeballs… until the massage therapist stopped and it was back to normal life as we know it. Prenatal massages are said to have a load of benefits for mom and baby.

Mom: Studies indicated that they can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and pains, reduce swelling, and improve labor outcomes. And I must say on Monday morning I had ankles again (haven’t had those in a few weeks), my feet were no longer swollen, and my posture had improved! Best $49 spent in a while.

Baby: Apparently baby will be healthier??? (we will see with that one…)

Today Ben’s office threw him a surprise baby shower! I got a facetime at work today so I got to see it all go down. That was awesome guys! Thank you so much!!!!


Finally we had our bi-weekly OB appointment yesterday. Everything is going great. We discussed my Braxton Hicks that have randomly shown up in my life. Little Lady’s heart rate is at 150. My belly is measuring right on track. I also got my TDAP shot. (ouch)

Ben and I are asking that anyone who wants to visit the baby after she is born be updated on their Pertussis Vaccinations. We don’t want to take any chances of getting our Little Lady sick with whooping cough. And if you want to visit… I will be asking.

…and that’s all she wrote. Now on to the update.

How far along?  30 Weeks or 210 days or 7.5 months

Total weight gain/loss:  +24 — lost a few pounds last week. I’m not complaining.

How big is baby: Baby is measuring in at 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. That’s about the size of Cucumber. Weighing in at 2.5 to 3.8 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Wearing them all the time.

Sleep: I sleep when I can. Then I wake up to use the bathroom and then lay there for an hour or so trying to fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Hearing her heart beat… It never gets old.

Movement:  My child is a raver. She is constantly moving and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular.

Gender:  Little Lady

Belly Button in or out? Still in. Give it time. UPDATE: George (the freckle) may or may not have a buddy. More to come when I can find a mirror that I can see my belly in! (false alarm no buddy for George)

Signs of Labor: I have had a few random Braxton Hicks contractions.

What I miss: Being able to bend over.

What I am looking forward to: All of the amazing baby showers coming up next month.

Milestones: Her skin is getting smoother.

Her brain is getting wrinklier-to make way for all that essential brain tissue.

She’s now strong enough to grasp a finger.


•                Start the pediatrician search

•                Find a daycare

•                Paint babys room

•                Build babys furniture

•                Finish baby’s room

•                Find a Medical supply store to order/get my breast pump.

29 Weeks


Wow, I have been pregnant for 203 days, which means I have 77 days to go (give or take)! Things have been going pretty smoothly this week, which is AWESOME! Sleep has been good, feet swelling has gone down, and Little Lady’s room is coming along (we are making progress)!!! She is definitely getting cramped in there. I can pretty much feel or see her moving ALL THE TIME.
Looking at my weekly photo, can I be the first one to say … Holy Crap my boobs are huge. You can hardly tell that I am wearing a belt with my dress!!!! It is almost time to get some bigger bras to support these things!!! Well, at least my big boobs match my big belly. Although, the belt did come off this afternoon after lunch, it was getting tight.

I noticed that last week I forgot to talk about our Labor, Birthing, & Beyond class that happened 4th of July weekend. It was one of the best $60 I have spent in a while. Why? you ask. Well, as part of the class we talked about and practiced coping positions and as our support system, the husbands got to rub our backs and “comfort” us. So 1 hour of a nice back rub. It was heaven! Other than that we learned some breathing techniques that will help with labor and some fun words like Fundus! We got a tour of the hospital and Labor & Delivery, and then we watched a video of a birth. Am I prepared to have this baby now? Hell no. I think this class scared me more than anything. The whole labor and birthing thing isn’t what scares me it’s what happens after she is born. After she is born I am responsible for her, and it is my job to keep her alive and healthy! That is what scares me most.

(My phlebotomist was nice and gave me a neon bandaid!)

Last week was the big glucose test … the results are in and … I failed. So on Wednesday I went in and did a 3 hour test. I haven’t heard back yet, and I will admit that I am pretty nervous. I will do whatever I have to do to keep Little Lady happy and healthy! If that means I have to 100% change my diet (again) and poke my finger I will. Even if she needs to come early to prevent any complications, I will do it!
So wish me luck that I didn’t fail. *fingers crossed*

As of last week I will be going in for check-ups every two weeks now! So we will be going in next week already. Time sure is flying by! I am not ready. Sometimes this pregnancy STILL isn’t real for me. Yes, I feel her kicking. Yes, I see her moving. But somehow my brain is still in denial that we are going to have a baby. And I’m pretty sure I have convinced myself that I am going to be pregnant forever and she will never come out. I don’t know how much more proof I need to understand that this is happening… Hopefully it kicks in soon. :)

(I couldn’t help it. The VW logo almost fit perfectly on the bump!)

(Proof that I am indeed, pregnant)

Time for the rest of the update!

How far along?  29 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +28

How big is baby: Baby is measuring in at 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. That’s about the size of an Acorn Squash. Weighing in at 2.5 to 3.8 pounds, and her weight will triple by the time she is born.

Maternity clothes? Wearing them all the time.

Sleep: Pretty great! Waking up to roll over or go to the bathroom once or twice.

Best moment this week: Watching Little Lady party hard in there.

Movement:  My child is a raver. She is constantly moving.

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular.

Gender:  Little Lady

Belly Button in or out? Still in. Give it time. UPDATE: George (the freckle) may or may not have a buddy. More to come when I can find a mirror that I can see my belly in!

What I miss: Being able to bend over.

What I am looking forward to: Appointment on Thursday.

Milestones:  She’s getting a little cramped in there, since she’s growing so fast.
She’s growing white fat deposits under her skin, and her energy is surging because of it.
She has been having random bouts of the hiccups.


  •    Start the pediatrician search
  •    Find a daycare
  •    Daycare tour on Monday
  •    Paint babys room
  •    Build babys furniture
  •    Finish baby’s room
  •    Find a Medical supply store to order/get my breast pump.

28 Weeks – Third Trimester


Hi Third Trimester! I hear you can be a big pain … So, lets make a deal okay? I promise to take it easy if you promise to be not so uncomfortable. Deal? Yeah probably not, but it was worth a try right?!

Since the last time I blogged about Little Lady things have been pretty crazy/busy. Ben and I toured 2 more daycares. First we toured Kyria here in Oshkosh, and we really liked it. The facility is clean and the instructors/staff all seem to be fantastic. Then we toured KinderCare in Neenah. This center is quite a bit more expensive than everywhere else we toured, and I’m not really sure I liked their communication system. All of the other places we went to had notebooks and they seem to go into more detail than what KinderCare does. There are still a few more places to call and tour but we keep coming back to Arts for Kids. We will find something and it will be the right one for us. I’ll keep you posted. :)

IMG_3096  IMG_3098

Also, this past weekend we moved into our new house. With that came the beginning of getting Little Lady’s room all ready! Here is Ben and my mom putting on the second coat of off white paint on the ceiling and trim replacing the really dark grey that the previous owners had. And then heres Ben and I getting ready to paint the walls. (Mask for safety!!!) So this is all you are going to see of the nursery until it is finished!

We had our monthly check up yesterday. It was also the big glucose test. We just have to wait and see when the results come in. With the amount of sugar I’ve been craving and eating I wouldn’t be surprised if I had Gestational Diabetes… Otherwise my blood pressure is great, Little Lady’s measuring right on track and her heart rate is 145. Life is great and she is great! :)
Today we had an appointment with the genetic baby doctor, which means that we got to see Little Lady today again. She is perfect and measuring right on track for where she is supposed to be! We thought this would be our last appointment, but he wants to see us again in 6 weeks. Here is a picture of our Little Lady!!!! :)


Time for an update:

How far along?  28 Weeks, the beginning of the 3rd trimester. 84 more days to go!

Total weight gain/loss:  +24

How big is baby: Baby is measuring in at 13.6 – 14.8 inches. That’s about the size of an Eggplant. Weighing in at 2 lbs 9 oz. according to the dr.

Maternity clothes? Wearing them all the time.

Sleep: Amazing since I have been sleeping in my own bed!!! I wake up once or twice to use the bathroom, though.

Best moment this week: Seeing Little Lady today in 3D!!!!!

Movement:  My child is a raver. She is constantly moving.

Food cravings:  Apples … again!

Gender:  Little Lady

Belly Button in or out? Still in. Give it time. George (my freckle in my belly button) will get to see the light of day soon!

What I miss: My feet. They are swollen.. :(

What I am looking forward to: Finishing the room and getting everything ready!!!

Milestones:  She’s starting to develop more fat, so her wrinkly skin will start to get smoother.
Her lungs are mature enough that she’d probably survive if she was born now.


  •    Start the pediatrician search
  •    Find a daycare
  •    Daycare tour on Monday
  •    Paint babys room
  •    Build babys furniture
  •    Find a Medical supply store to order/get my breast pump.

The Move – Complete!

I have been waiting to do this post for MONTHS now! It’s official – Ben and I are moved!!

This past weekend my parents and older brother came to Oshkosh and helped us move all of the non-heavy things!
They arrived on Thursday and we went directly to the rental and started packing things up and bringing them over, and it went like that all weekend. Then yesterday Two Men and a Truck came and moved the rest of the really heavy stuff. It only took them about 2.5 hours and it was worth every penny!

Besides a few lamps and a few cleaning supplies the rental is completely empty. Now all that is left to do is to clean the house and get the carpets professionally cleaned.

Now it’s time to unpack… EVERYTHING. And there is a lot. Hopefully I can go through a lot of stuff and donate it. (at least that is the plan) Hopefully I can be done unpacking by the end of the month and we can have a house warming party?!?!

That’s all for now! Wish me luck unpacking.

27 Weeks


According to one of my pregnancy apps (BabyBump) I have been pregnant for 189 days, and if I deliver on my due date (10-2) I only have 91 more days to go! I remember when I was really excited that I was 1/3 of the way done and next week I will be officially in the Third Trimester! Time flies doesn’t it?

This past week Ben and I have been superrr busy. Friday we were able to start moving into our new house. You can read about it here. While we were moving things this past weekend I think I over did it a little bit. Don’t worry I didn’t lift anything super heavy, I think it was just the constant bending, twisting, going up and down stairs, and cleaning, because on Monday I sure felt sore (espically in my legs, arms, and sides).

Since we have been moving things into the house we decided that it was time to go and buy paint for the baby’s room!!!! Since my parents are coming to help us move some of the heavier things to the new house I am going to employ them to help paint the room!!!! Be on the look-out for before and after photos and I hope to do a nursery reveal when we are all set up! So exciting!!!

On Monday we toured our first day care, Arts for Kids. We have heard so many good things about that facility. The tour went AWESOME. I really liked it and all the things they had to offer like, art, Spanish, science, and coming soon… Yoga (not that the baby can do all of those things at 6-8 weeks when she will be starting) I love that she will have the option to do so much while she is there. We still have a few tours left. We will also be touring Kyria, KinderCare, and maybe the YMCA. I feel like this is going to be a super hard decision. We were originally thinking we could make part-time daycare work (we would just have to rearrange our schedules a bit) but It just won’t work. I want us to have as much time together after the work day that we possibly can and we can’t do that if Ben works until 7pm… So this just works easiest for us! I know that where ever we choose will be the best fit for us! :)

This coming Saturday Ben and I have our class: Labor, Birthing, and Beyond. Wish us luck! :)


How far along?  27 weeks only 91 days left of my pregnancy (if I give birth on my due date)

Total weight gain/loss:  +18

How big is baby: Baby is measuring in at 13.6 – 14.8 inches. That’s about the size of a head of Rutabaga. Weighing in at 1.5 – 2.5lbs.

Maternity clothes? Wearing them all the time.

Sleep: I have had so much trouble sleeping lately. Probably because of the move and sleeping on an air bed. I should have my bed in the house on MONDAY!!!!

Best moment this week: Ben watching my belly move with Little Lady. He told me he “had a moment” :)

Movement:  My child is a raver. She is constantly moving.

Food cravings:  Fruit Loops. I could eat these all day every day.

Gender:  Little Lady

Belly Button in or out? Still in. Give it time. George (my freckle in my belly button) will get to see the light of day soon!

What I miss: I miss summery Mojitos.

What I am looking forward to: Getting settled in the house. Getting the nursery painted, and all the furniture built. ALSO… We have our final ultrasound in Green Bay on Thursday. I can’t wait to see her. This will be the last time we see her until she arrives :)

Milestones:  She is practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs.
It’s official: She is showing brain activity! And her brain will keep on getting more complex.


  •    Start the pediatrician search
  •    Find a daycare
  •    Daycare tour on Monday
  •    Paint babys room
  •    Build babys furniture
  •    Find a Medical supply store to order/get my breast pump.