10 Months + 1 Week


Sometimes I just sit and wonder… How did we get so lucky to be at this point in our lives? Ben and I have been together for 9.5 years, married for 4, and we have a beautiful little girl. What would have happened if we didn’t meet at Anchor, or have several classes together at UW Marinette? What if he went to Michigan Tech instead of UW Marinette? Thankfully we don’t have to worry about the ‘what ifs’.
Life is pretty great. Vivian is busier than ever between teething, scooting, standing, eating, waving, talking, getting into everything, and stalking Java.


Vivian still loves taking things out of containers. Her favorite by far is the diaper bag. If I set her near it she will scoot on over, look in the bag, and start taking everything out, one item at a time. It’s cute as she is doing it, but once she is done putting the bag back together again is a nightmare.

She loves to play peek-a-boo. She will bring a blanket or her shirt over her face and I’ll ask “where did Vivi go?” and she will whip it down right away and give me a squeal.

Somehow, Vivian learned how to bring a phone up to her ear, too. So now it has become a game. If she has a phone, I’ll make a ringing sound and ask, “Vivi? Vivi are you there? Hello?” and she will bring the phone right up to her ear. OH.M.GEE adorable.


Last week we had Vivi’s 9 month check-up. Since Ben got his new job we had to switch from Aurora to Affinity. It was a chore getting everything sent over and set up. I just hope I never have to do it again.
At her check-up we saw Dr.Katsma. She was super nice and had a lot of information for us. Here are her stats:

18lbs (50th Percentile)
27 Inches tall (25th Percentile)

Head: 18.1”

AND Every visit until Vivi turns 5 she will get a book!

Her next appointment is her one year. She will get her round of shots along with a blood draw. I am not looking forward to that.


Things are pretty much the same on the talking front. Everyone is DaDa. She says Mamama, uh-oh, giggy, and bah-bah-bah. Just because she isn’t saying many “words” doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand what Ben and I are saying to her. She is just beginning to understand several simple words. Soon we may notice some words or gestures we actually understand, as well as other forms of communication, such as pointing and grunting.
She is still just scooting around. (scooting: Sitting and pulling herself along) I can be in the kitchen making her a bottle and I will turn around and she is right behind me.

She has 2 TEETH!

She pets the animals. (It’s more like slapping, but they don’t complain)

She loves patty cake, and telling me she is “sooo big”


Our doctor gave us the go ahead to try any new food we would like, except cows milk, and honey. We are still doing purees. We are slowly introducing new foods. She loves Puffs, Yogurt Bites, Baby Cheetos (that’s what I call them…), French Fries (with lots of potato filling), Strawberries and Chocolate Custard, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, and Cheerios. We have tried: Pancakes, bacon, spaghetti, and some steak and potatoes. She mostly plays with the food, and maybe takes a taste, but doesn’t eat a lot of it.


Vivian has just begun the leap of Sequences. She will learn to recognize and manage the flow of events and relationships over time. Eating cereal with a spoon, for example, means grab the spoon, put the spoon into the bowl, scoop some cereal onto the spoon, bring the spoon to your head, and put it in your mouth not your eyes. She will link actions together to reach a goal. At this stage your baby likes to feel needed and will want to help. Some skills she might gain during this leap are:

  • Answer simple questions. Example: How big are you? And she will raise her arms
  • Says “hum” if she wants another bite
  • Points at things, people, or animals if you ask her to
  • Put together a simple puzzle of 3 pieces
  • Understand that she has to talk into the mouthpiece of a phone
  • Stacks rings onto the ring pyramid
  • Points where to go
  • Repeats a game
  • Tries to persuade me to help her with things she really could have done without my help
  • Imitates two or more gestures that I make, one after the other
  • Tries to put her sock on by herself but doesn’t succeed




















Vivian 9 Months + 2 Weeks


Vivian has officially been out in the world longer than she was in my belly. What a though that is. She is growing up so quickly and learning so much and I am one proud mamma (and a little sad to see my baby grow up).


Vivian is now able to put things in a container and take them out again. She also enjoys toys with moving parts (things like, knobs, buttons, switches, doors). If I happen to take a toy away from her and she wasn’t finished yet she will voice her displeasure. Usually a loud angry scream. She really seems to enjoy my sunglasses these days.


We went to visit my cousin in California. (hence why the blog is late once again.) I was really worried about traveling with Vivian. My main concerns were feeding her and keeping her entertained during the 4 hour flight out there. Also, there were many hours worrying about going through security, the time change, how she would sleep, changing her diaper on the plane… and the list goes on.
We flew Southwest and they were amazing. Unfortunately both of our flights were FULL so there wasn’t really any room to spread out. Other than that she did AWESOME. We were on the 10:30AM flight out there and she slept the first hour and forty-five minutes. When she woke up she ate, and played and spent a lot of time looking out the window and playing with the seat tray. The trip back was a bit more work. Someone (me) booked a 6:00AM (pacific time) flight back… Ugh. She was cranky for a bit of the flight but we made it through without any major meltdowns.
We had so much fun while we were out there. We went to Santa Cruz and played in to ocean and walked on the boardwalk, and we spent the majority of time in the San Francisco area! So much FUN!!!!

I am no longer afraid of traveling with Vivi!!! Next Vacation??? Maybe Disney next year!!!!!!!!!!!!


Her babble is slowly (I think) becoming words…

V definitely knows who Ben and I are. Ben is Dadada and so am I. Sometimes when she is upset and I am not near I hear MAMAMAMA??? From the kitchen, but if she is looking at me I am Dadada. She says Giggy/Geeee (kitty) when she sees Java and Snickers. She also is forming sentences with her babble. And some of them end in a question.

She is also able to change pitch when she is squealing. It just keeps getting higher in pitch; Ruby’s ears are getting a workout for sure.

These days Vivian is also able to exaggerate her moods. And this usually happens when she is upset. She goes from “I’m kind of sad” to “OMG WHY ARENT YOU HOLDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH” And this normally happens at bedtime.

So many cute baby snuggles! I get hugs now and if I ask I get a kiss (if she is in the mood)

We have a mammas girl on our hands. These days it seems like she wants me and only me. Ben will do if I am not around. And I hate to say this but I am mentally and physically exhausted by this.

She scoots.

No crawling or walking yet.

She has 2 TEETH!


Still doing purees. We are slowly introducing new foods. She loves Puffs, Yogurt Bites, Baby Cheetos (that’s what I call them…), French Fries (with lots of potato filling), Strawberries and Chocolate Custard (and some others that I’m not remembering). We will be starting to introduce some meat into her diet soon!

Vivi moved up to Infant II this morning. She is in the same room as before but on the other side. Her teachers now are Miss. Debbie, Miss. Linda, and Miss. Kaylee (I think that’s how you spell it). I’m excited and sad at the same time. She is getting too big.


So after I went back to work a friend introduced me to the Wonder Weeks App. The basis of the app is to help you understand when your baby is going through a “developmental leap.”  There are a total of 10 leaps that babies go through.
Right now she has finished the Categories Leap. She is investigates the world around her and categorize things. Now that  the leap is over some skills she might have gained are:

  • Showing that she knows some words
  • Makes it clear that she finds something dirty (maybe by sniffing)
  • Imitates adults
  • Recognizes herself in a mirror
  • Can exaggerate her moods
  • Play peek-a-boo by herself
  • Challenges others to play a game
  • Calls for a song, for example, by clapping her hands.
  • Begins to practice crawling